De Mayo Knee Positioner®
Components and Accessories

Cat. # Description
803 De Mayo Knee Positioner® - 30"
w/single lever clamp
803-S De Mayo Knee Positioner® - 25 "
w/single lever clamp (Fits in Flash Sterilizer)
907 De Mayo Universal Distractor®
1210 Folding Pin Base Plate
713-302 De Mayo Push Button™ Clamp
302 Threaded clamp
302-Long Threaded clamp - long jaw
903 Patented single lever clamp
903-M Patented single lever clamp w/thumb screw
803-ABD Aluminum distractor boot
803-CBD Composite distractor boot - 110 degree.

398-LG O.R. Table Pads - 3 pcs.
398-ABG O.R. Table Amboard Pads - 2 pcs.
706-Kit Sterilization/Storage Cases
De Mayo knee positioner components & accessories



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